About Susan

Artist Statement

For the past 20 years, I have created custom faux finishes, murals, and commissioned art for my clients.  I now have the opportunity to pursue my own art, which allows me to loosen my control and paint freely on large canvases.

Inspired by the living world, my visual cue is from actual forms in nature such as landscapes and flowers.  I use the exploration of nature as a starting point, encompassing light and layers of colors which are decided on the fly. Using soft and full bodied acrylics and texture mediums, I am able to manipulate the paint allowing the surface to emerge into something abstract and beautiful. I reveal new images, get acquainted with them, and make changes so that the painting has a life of its own. Working abstractly in layers with texture, enables me to compose new compositions with detail and depth, still replicating images in nature.

The exploration of nature in art can take on many visual forms which is truly a passion of mine. My ultimate goal as an artist, is to produce something unique and beautiful for the viewer to enjoy while expanding their imagination.


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Susan Sobel is a contemporary artist from Philadelphia Pennsylvania.  She received her training from one of the nation’s top ranked art schools; Tyler School of Art at Temple University where she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts

Susan's passion for art and design has led her throughout her career, which ranged from jewelry design and metalsmithing, to custom faux finishing and decorative painting.  Her work and murals are recognized throughout South Florida in restaurants, yoga studios, hair salons, and mostly residential homes. Over the years, her clients frequently requested commission pieces including everything from portraits and landscapes, to contemporary statement pieces.

Since the most important thing in Susan's life is her family, she relocated in 2019 from South Florida to Orlando with her husband, to be with her children and grandchildren. At this time, Susan focused her career on her new found passion; painting original fine art in acrylic.

After creating murals and commissions for others for 20 years, Susan finds relief in loosening her control and painting freely for herself.  With the use of fluid and full bodied acrylics integrated with texture mediums, she manipulates the paint discovering an adventure on each canvas.  Susan paints what she loves, showcasing abstract florals and landscapes.  Breaking away from organic abstraction, Susan has found a new love in creating geometric abstracts. She creates rich, dynamic paintings of non objective elements based on shape and color, created with texture.  However, still always welcomes commissions upon request!