About Susan

Artist Statement

My commitment as an artist is to encourage my audience to experience the world through my eyes, transcending the ordinary. Nature's tapestry serves as my muse, from intricate forms and patterns of flowers to sweeping landscapes. The butterfly, a magical winged messenger, is an essential detail in my work. Vivid or discrete, they appear in every piece, representing the spirit of my mother, indicating she is always with me.

My artistic journey always begins with these natural motifs, exploring the play of light and spontaneous bursts of color. With the flexibility of fluid and robust acrylics, combined with texturing agents, I guide the paint until it evolves into abstract allure. I am an explorer on the canvas, building layers, diminishing elements. I focus on detail and depth, while utilizing distinct color palettes. My work is continuously redefined, ensuring each piece evolves with its own personality.

Nature’s multifaceted, visual language fuels my ardor. As an artist, I relish in being malleable and revealing versatility; however, I alternately enjoy composing geometric abstracts, which enables me to disperse innovative concepts that can coexist with organic elements. My paramount ambition is to create intriguing visuals that not only captivate the observer but also ignite their imagination!

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Susan Sobel is a contemporary, nature-based artist residing in Orlando, Florida. Raised in Philadelphia, Pa., Susan was born with a compelling desire to create and a boundless admiration for art. She displayed exceptional talents in all mediums in high school, ultimately leading her to pursue a career in art. Susan obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Tyler School of Art at Temple University, where she graduated with a cum laude ranking in 1982. 

Susan’s passion for art and design has served as a cornerstone throughout her career.  She acquired a zeal for 3-dimensional art during her sophomore year at Tyler and found her niche in metalsmithing and jewelry design. Soon after graduating, Susan embarked upon her journey in a custom jewelry business, emphasizing expression and design working with various metals and gemstones. Susan married in 1984 and while raising her boys she experimented in artistic wall finishes and murals, which sequentially became a second successful business. Susan’s work was recognized throughout South Florida restaurants, yoga studios, salons and residential communities. Her clients frequently commissioned art pieces for their homes ranging from floral and landscapes to portraits and abstracts. These requests marked the exploration into creating large scale acrylic art. 

The most important ingredient in the mix of Susan’s life is her family. In 2019, she relocated to Orlando, Florida with her husband to be close to her children and grandchildren. At this time, Susan focused on her newfound aspiration acrylic fine art and Susan Sobel Fine Art LLC was born. She now embraces the liberating journey of creating for herself. Susan has found personal and professional satisfaction knowing that she is responsible for a little piece of happiness in someone else’s lives. You can find Susan exhibiting her current pieces at Fine Art shows throughout Florida, as well as welcoming commissioned art upon request!